5 Essential Tips for Aspiring Toy Testers from Best Toy Testers [2019]

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We have curated the 5 Essential Tips for Aspiring Toy Testers from the best toy testing gurus. Before we delve int that, let me take you on a spin around famous toy testers in 2019.

Have you heard about Ryan? No, it’s not Ryan Reynolds, neither are we talking about Ryan Gosling. He’s popularly known as Ryan of Toy Review, and according to the last estimate, this 8-year-old boy is making 11 million dollars annually.

He’s not a professional footballer, neither does he have a flourishing career in Hollywood. He just does regular kid stuff; he tests and reviews all sorts of toys on YouTube.

You’ll probably not believe at first (we didn’t either). But when you just do a little Google search for “Ryan Toys Review”, you are in for the shock of your life. But there’s a lot to learn from Ryan and toy testing. Sit tight, pick up a pen and a paper, and smile while you read.


What is Toy Testing and Who is a Toy Tester?


what is toy testing?


The name is self-explanatory, but it might just help if we go over the details that aren’t so clear. It all begins when a company sends you a toy for your child to play with. Based on your experience with the toy, you will then provide a review on the toy. The review can be in the form of a survey that you are asked to complete, a written report, or a video clip.

For other companies, the toy is not sent to you, rather, they invite your child to come to a particular location to come and have fun with the toy. So, without any doubt, doing this automatically makes you a toy tester, but how do you become a toy tester?


How Do You Become a Toy Tester?


Just like many famous people have been quoted saying, “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” Toy testing jobs aren’t all that easy to discover as more and more people are becoming interested in doing it. But you can have an advantage and we are out to provide you with tips on how to survive in a cutthroat environment.


Tips for Becoming a Toy Tester


A parent of one a popular toy tester who choose to remain anonymous has this to say :

“Firstly, ask  your kids which toys they are familiar with and comfortable talking about. Also, in other to get familiar with some of the trending toys and dolls in the market today, do some research  —  importantly, you should aim for popular or upcoming toys, dolls etc”


What Are Relevant Web pages to Follow to Begin a Career as a Toy-Tester?


negative impact of Facebook


There are other avenues where you can find out toy testing opportunities online. Here are some of them.

  • Mattel Imagination Center Facebook Page
  • Step 2 Facebook Page
  • Mega Bloks Facebook Page
  • Discovery Toys Facebook Page

Let’s give you insider info (Do you promise not to tell?). Do you know about Fisher-Price and Mattel products? One way to even find out about testing opportunities for their products is by signing up for their Family Club. You can sign up here.

We didn’t forget the tips we promised. Now, here they are.


5 Essential Tips for Aspiring Toy Testers


  1. Take a Proactive Approach. Even though you now have a head start with the websites and links we have provided, don’t wait for the opportunity to fall onto your laps, because the stars might never align. What you can do is to actually take time out to mail some of these companies and ask them for the opportunities.
  2. Actively Search Social Media. We mentioned that the jobs are relatively difficult to come across. However, some of these opportunities are just right there on social media and no one is taking it up. There is so much out there waiting for you, you never know until you make the leap.
  3. Build Your Online Presence. There’s a proverb that says if the mountain doesn’t come to you, you should go to the mountain. Ensuring that your online account is well curated with relevant materials and connections that will bring companies your way. You might just be contacted one day.
  4. Contact Physical Stores. Even though the online community is great and thriving, do not underestimate the power of the good old brick and mortar stores. You might just be the missing piece in their puzzle so do not be afraid to go for it.
  5. Prepare Your Kid for Toy Testing Opportunities. Keep it in mind that it just might come anytime, and when it does, you should be prepared to seize the opportunity. Start out by recording your kids while they play with their favorite toys.


Rising Toy Testers


Some toy testers or aspiring toy testers are on the rise like the “Toyristic Sisters“. Some started and gave up along the line. Toy testing is just like any other venture where commitment and perseverance plays an important role.




If you really did follow Ryan from Toys Review, you will see one of the most viewed videos (with 267 million views and still counting). Some  LOL Surprise Dolls toy testers in the million views range too . There’s no doubt that these dolls are the rave of the moment and this is bound to continue. You can learn more about LOL dolls here.