Edge Jewelry POS Review

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The Edge Jewelry POS Review. The Edge Jewelry point of sale (POS) software is one that any jeweler business can use to get the most out of their business. This software provides many features, such as financial management and accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), etc. This review will discuss how the Edge Jewelry POS can improve your business, its major features, and functions.


An Overview of Edge Jewelry POS System


The Edge Jewelry POS system is a software application that helps you run your jewelry business efficiently and more profitable. The software includes features such as point of sale, inventory and stock management, customer relationship management, repairs and customer orders, ordering, and financial management. We will elaborate more on each of these features below.

Edge is not a cloud-based software application. So you cannot access it outside the business or via a web browser. It is instead installed and accessed locally. I can’t say if this is a good or bad thing, but reading up on the differences is worth reading.

Edge Review by the Numbers

  • Edge jewelry POS has been deployed to over 2,500 jewelers in North America.
  • It is known to be the most popular retail system for independent jewelers.
  • Edge jewelry POS is top-rated by INSTORE Magazine.


Edge Jewelry POS Review


Features and Benefits of the Edge Jewelry POS System


Edge Jewelry POS Review


Edge POS system has a variety of features from the point of sale software with inventory management to accounting, ordering, and repair tracking.


Point of Sale (POS) Software


Edge has a complete jewelry point of sale feature. It includes total product integration, sales and returns, appraisals, layaways, special orders, and repairs. With the software, you can trade and buy items, print or email receipts, and sell gift certificates.

Edge POS can compute commissions for your salespeople, and you can easily track any incentives that may have brought a customer into your store.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Functionality


The Edge software has built-in CRM functionality. It allows you to capture customer details, add information like anniversaries and birthdays, track communications, and stay updated on customer needs and marketing. The software can automatically track and record all transactions, repairs, appraisals, payments, layaways, and images of purchased items.


Easy Ordering


The Edge ordering system is known as MaxiTurn. With this system, you can order online from vendors using the software. MaxiTurn reduces the time you spend while ordering and allows you to easily browse, choose, and order the products your customers need. With this tool, you all required information on your customers’ needs, such as the type of item, size, gem, price range, etc.

You can also filter all available items depending on their criteria. This feature makes it easy for your customers to choose the perfect piece of jewelry.


Custom Orders, Repairs, and Special Jobs


The Edge software provides bespoke services for jewelers. With this feature, you will stay on top of specific customer requests and complete the services quickly and effectively, thereby improving customer relations. You can input special requests using the POS, thereby generating a barcoded envelope to make it easy to track specific items.


Financial Management and Accounting


With Edge, you can stay on top of your business finances. Essential aspects of your business, such as your revenue, number of customers, profits, outstanding orders, and so on, are easily accessible. Edge provides detailed reports that show you how you are doing overtime, including product sales, stock levels, reordering and trends, profitability, sales analysis, and special order information.


Hardware for Running the Edge Jewelry POS


The Edge software does not work on all hardware. It is specific to some types of hardware such as:


  • A modern PC or laptop.
  • A server, if you are running a server-client system (necessary if you use multiple registers.)
  • Tag printers are used for creating jewelry tags.
  • A barcode scanner that will be used for reading the more compact barcodes on jewelry tags.
  • RFID readers for scanning RFID chips that are on the products.
  • A touch-screen interface if you do not want to use a mouse and keyboard setup.
  • Receipt printer for providing customer receipts.
  • Credit card reader for taking credit card payments via swipe or chip and PIN.
  • Cash drawer for holding money and providing change.


The Edge Jewelry POS Pricing


To license and use The Edge Jewelry POS system, it will cost you the following:

  • $4,600 if you want a single license to operate the software on a single workstation.
  • $5,700 if you want a license to operate the software on three workstations.
  • $550 if you want additional workstations.
  • $5,100 if you want an additional store with one workstation.

Edge also charges an extra amount of 15% to 20% for ongoing software support and upgrades. Also, some education and training attract additional fees. These prices exclude hardware. Edge Jewelry POS pricing may be a bit on the high side, but its numerous features make up for it.


Customer Reviews of the Edge Jewelry POS


The Edge website has a section for customer testimonials. Many users have reported that the Edge website is the best they have used. They claim that it is user-friendly and contains a lot of useful information. Some users said that it is the best investment they made in their business.

Generally speaking, Edge’s customer review is positive. A lot of users praised Capterra, saying that it is very intuitive. But the setup process usually takes a lot of time. The numerous features mean that employees will need intensive training before they get used to the software.




The Edge Jewelry POS is a suitable software solution for running a jewelry store. It has numerous useful features for jeweler business. It is not cloud-based, so you cannot access it on web browsers. In all, if you need a POS system with bespoke services for jeweler business, Edge is the way to go.


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