Work from Home And Earn $200 A Day Doing Process Serving

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How do you work from home and earn $200 a day doing Process Serving? This will be made known to you in a couple of seconds. In the meantime, what is Process Serving and what does a Process Server (PS) do?

The primary duty of a PS is to deliver legal documents efficiently to individuals (people who are involved and need to respond to court proceedings). These documents could be in regard to subpoenas, summons, lawsuits, small claims, and complaints, among others.

Process Servers or Court Paper Server, whichever name you choose to call them either work for themselves or work as contractors for other companies. They are in charge of using states or provincial (Canada) and federal laws while delivering documents to the clients in legal actions.

Process Servers must also have good knowledge of “legal protocols” as well as excellent communication abilities. The benefits of having a process server handle your legal issues are tremendous.

That being said, let us discuss the steps towards becoming a Process Server so you can work from home and earn $200 a day doing process serving. Before we get to that, let us review the everyday responsibilities and duties of Process Servers — and you can decide whether or not this is something you will be interested in.


Common Responsibilities of Process Servers

  • Delivering proof of services (also known as an affidavit of service) for every assignment
  • Serving and delivering legal documents
  • Legal document retrieval and filing
  • Finding evasive people or know as Skip Tracer (Skip Tracing)


Work from home and earn $200 a day doing process serving


First off, let us look at the skillset to have in other to be successful doing Process Serving.


Skillset required in Processing Serving 


You do not need a college or university degree in other to become a Process Server. However, completing a training program is highly recommended. You may be required to have a Process Server license (depending on the US state you live in) before you can operate. 

If you live in Canada, it is not required to have a license. That being said, you have to :

  • Be above 18 years old
  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Have no history of criminal offenses.


Important skills to have


Process serving doesn’t just involve knocking on the door of a defendant and serving them with legal documents. Process servers need to have diverse skills and resources to be able to do their jobs successfully.

They have to have the resources to access public records, monitor people, both online and offline (social media) to be able to track people who are intentionally avoiding being served. A successful process server has to have the following skills;

  • Detail-oriented
  • Complete understanding of the process serving laws of the jurisdiction
  • Patience
  • Stamina
  • Commitment
  • Excellent ability to write reports
  • Persistence


Steps to Becoming a Process Server


steps to become a process server


1. Finish Training or acquire knowledge


It is essential that all process servers follow the necessary state, provincial (Canada) and federal laws that apply to them – the best way to stay abreast of everything there is to Process Serving is to attend training programs and networking.

Training programs can be found in different ways i.e. college campuses, state associations, and others. These training programs train potentials in federal and state/provincial laws and also provides principles that help’s Processing Serving procedures.

They also teach lawsuit research techniques, tactics of serving and proof of service (affidavit of service) methods – entrepreneurial skills can be learned in these trainings too. An added advantage for most Process Servers is the fact that they speak other languages.

You can take classes online or have a one to one private sessions with a tutor in other to learn foreign languages.


2. Certification/ Licensing


Before you become a server, certification or licensing is needed — depending on the US State you live. Another requirement apart from certification and licensing is;  background check. Some jurisdictions require submitting proof of liability insurance.

To find out the specific Process Serving requirements in your jurisdiction, talk to the county clerk or check the courthouse.


3. Get Experience by Finding a Job


To gain experience in the field, you have to get a job. You can register a business name and start up your own business of selling Process Serving services. Furthermore, you may reach out to law offices personally or work as a contractor or employee for a Process Serving company.

The best way to fully understand what a Process Server duties entail is to have first-hand experience on the job — which is why getting experience is essential.


How much do Process Servers charge?


Prices vary among Process Servers. There are different factors that determine the price per each Process Serving.  Price could range from $30-150 depending on the company, additional services, distance, etc. Some Process Server may charge mileage and parking, while others do not.

You can work from home and earn $200 a day doing process serving  (assuming your website is on the first page of search engine result pages i.e. Google) for the search term “process serving or process server”.


Wrapping It Up


I guess by now you know how to work from home and earn $200 a day doing Process Serving. In other to become a successful process server, you have to take note of all the requirements aforementioned above.

Remember that training, certification, and experience are the three significant factors needed (assuming you live in the US).

If you live in Canada, all you need to do is register a business, read about Process Serving or shadow a Process Server,  understand the laws surrounding the job, then advertise your services online once you think you are ready.

Good luck!


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