Top Hacks and Tips For PS4

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If you have been in the gaming realm for long, I believe you would agree to the fact that, one of the best gaming consoles presently out there is the Sony Play Station 4 (PS4), even though not all, but a huge amount of gamers would affirm to this. Factors such as hardware, quality, UI, controller etc, Not only make the PS4 a stellar console but also the most critically acclaimed. Don’t get me wrong, there are many good consoles out there that can equally provide good gaming experience, however, the PS4 is such an incredible machine, hence, why it deserves so much credits.

Top Hacks and Tips For Play Station 4

In other to get the best out of PS4, there are simple hacks you should be aware of in other to enhance your gaming experience.

Updating your PS4 System Software

Usually, once there is an update for your PS4 system software, you will be prompted to update to the latest version when you sign into the PlayStation 4 system network  (assuming you are connected to the internet). However, in the case whereby, you are not connected to the internet and would like to update your system to the latest version of the software, you can do this simply by installing the latest update on a USB flash drive (again, you need to have access to the internet in other to do this ).

Go to and click on update (assuming you just want to install the latest version of the system software), however, if you want a fresh installation of the full system software, then click on the link underneath the download update button). Follow the instructions to install the latest version or fresh installation of the system software as the case may be.

When you have successfully downloaded the update on the USB drive, connect the USB drive to your ps4, then access the latest version on the USB drive to update to the latest system software.

Follow this link if you prefer a walkthrough.

Connect your smartphone to your ps4

You can use your smartphone to send messages to other players on the PS4 network, which will save you a lot of hassle trying to type out messages with the Dual Shock Controller (which can be very annoying sometimes).

To connect your smartphone (android or OS) to your PS4, first, you need to download the PS4 app on your smartphone, then make sure your smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PS4.

Click on Settings > Add Devices > A number will appear on the screen. Open the PS4 app on your smartphone and then select Connect to PS4, a screen will appear on the smartphone, enter the number that appears on the PS4 system’s screen earlier into your smartphone. Click on register and you are good to go.

Reduce ps4 DualShock controller charge usage.

Your ps4 DualShock controller can drain out easily during usage and if kept idle for so long  — which will require the controller to be charged frequently.  However, you can make the controller’s battery life last longer by tweaking the settings. To do this, select Settings > Devices > Controllers > Brightness ( set to the lowest), Vibration (uncheck to turn off), Volume (lower the volume). Furthermore, click on Settings > Power saving settings > Turn off dual shock 4 automatically after 10, 30 or 60 minutes.  This will automatically turn off your PS4 controller when it is idle for the period of time you select.

ps4 controller

Store games on an external hard drive

You have the option of storing any media or game you want on an external hard drive of your choice. However, you would need to update your PS4 system software to 4.50 or the latest to take advantage of this feature. Assuming you have the latest update, connect the hard drive to your PS4 through a USB port, then select Settings > Devices > USB storage devices and choose the hard-drive as an extended storage option. This can come in handy when your system runs out of storage space.

Swapping Applications

You can switch between applications by tapping the home screen button, once you are on the home screen, double-tap the same button, this will enable you to switch between the two recently used applications. This can save you quite some time going back and forth  application

Play PS4 voice command without headset

The Play Station 4 has a voice command system, and this attribute is more usually connected with the PS4 camera. However, not so many gamers know that you can perform a voice command without the PS4 camera. To use the voice command,  connect a headset or an external microphone to the DualShock 4 controller audio jack. Once it’s connected, you can then use the voice command.

Back up games on USB

Just like storing games on an external hard drive, you can also backup your games to a USB device by going to SettingsApplication Saved Data Management > Saved Data on USB Storage Device > then select Copy to System Storage.

Use a headset with ps4

I find it difficult playing games on PS4 without a headset, especially if it’s a multiplayer game like GTA5, Uncharted 4 or Call of Duty etc. I have had frustrating moments playing GtA5 with a player that doesn’t have a headset (I couldn’t communicate with him during a mission) thus, I had no choice but to end the game. You can use any headset that a microphone. Just connect it to the PS4 Dualshock controller audio jack and you are good to go.

Final thoughts

There are many Top Hacks, Tips, and Tricks For PS4 available out there, TechRadar has a comprehensive list of PS4 hacks. You might want to check it out.