Top 3 Places In The United States To Kayak

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New Orleans, LA

Known for its history, raucous parties and great food. New Orleans also hosts some beautiful flora and fauna in the swamps. Most swamp tours are just not that Eco friendly, they feed the alligators marshmallows, or hot dogs and use motorized boats that scare away the birds, turtles and other wildlife. There isn’t a better way to access those swamps than with a kayak tour.

With the Spanish moss, and old growth cypress swamps there are plenty of backdrops to get those instagrammable photos during your trip, The swamp is a magical place to explore with a kayak.

Most of the swamps around New Orleans are just 30 minutes and are very accessible. If you are going to explore those swamps, do so with a New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours. Find out Why New Orleans is great to visit during the fall.

new orleans


Door County, WI.


Unassuming and in the middle of the United States is Door County, WI. A peninsula surrounded by water, it attracts families and is a top destination for tourists from Chicago.

The best times to visit Door County is during June and September before and after the main tourist season when the water is warm and the crowds are thin. Shipwrecks, lighthouses, fall foliage and the infamous Cave Point make this hidden gem an amazing location to kayak. Other amazing places to kayak around the peninsula are Door Bluff Headlands and Peninsula State Park.

Door County got its name from where the rough waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan meet. So make sure to go with a guide and stay safe. Look to go kayaking with Cave Point Paddle and Pedal.

Austin Tx2



One of the fastest growing cities in the United States boast a beutiful lake called Lady Bird Lake in the center of town. Not only does Austin boast a highly attractive crowd to see on the water, but it also is home to the largest bat colony in the USA. This spectacle of bats attracts thousands of tourists to view them from the Congress Ave bridge.

To get a better view, make sure to jump on a kayak and learn a little from a tour guide.

The Lady Bird lake can have thousands of kayakers on it at once and can be a great place to meet new people as well as cool off from the hot summer sun. The best time to visit Austin, Texas to go kayaking is in the spring and fall, as the weather is really pleasant and not too hot and not too cold, summer is also a fun time, just make sure you don’t go out in the middle of the day during when it is scorching hot.

Austin TX

If you want to try something new, Austin is also home to plenty of paddleboarders, don’t be afraid to try and stand-up, if you fall off, it is just water.

With very calm water, and shore close by, it is easy to rent a kayak or paddleboard and enjoy some time on your own. Otherwise if you are a beginner or a want a little more information, make sure to hop on a tour with any of the tour outfitters.

One of the closest to the Congress ave. bat bridge is Austin Paddle. There is no better way to see the Congress ave bat bridge, than on a kayak tour with Austin Paddle

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