The Ugly Side of Process Serving

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The ugly side of Process Serving. And how we can help!

What a lot of people in the judicial system refrain from discussing is what occurs when you are trying to serve papers to a defendant or respondent who is evading service and ultimately, what occurs when said defendant or respondent decides to act irrationally when being served these court papers, whether is it Small Claims or Family Court documents.

If this is your first time hearing the word , “Process Serving” or “Process Server”, see our beginners guide to process serving for more information.



The Ugly Side of Process Serving


If you are already familiar with the job of a process server or are a process server yourself. You will understand why only few people are interested in working as a process server.

I recently had the experience of serving papers to a defendant who was very actively evading service. It was my second attempt at reaching this defendant when I finally came in contact. My first attempt was unsuccessful, and due to this defendant’s actions, I felt comfortable assuming he was actively avoiding me. The client requested that I serve the defendant via means of personal service, which means that I must hand the documents directly to the defendant.

I approached the address I was provided for this defendant, walked through an open gate, and was immediately told by men across the lawn that I had to exit the property and ring the bell on the call box. I complied, and walked back out to said callbox, which then notified me that the “number did not exist.” This meant that the callbox was useless. I walked back toward the men and stated what the callbox had informed me of and asked to knock on the door. The men told me I could not approach the house and that I was not allowed to be there at all.


Signs of an elusive defendant or respondent


When I asked the men to elaborate on why I could not be there, they said that the owner of the property informed them that I could not enter the premises. The men gave me their names and claimed to work on the property.

I attempted to hand them the papers and they refused to take anything from me. I proceeded to explain the court instructions and asked, “are you listening?” The man responded, “No, I am not listening,” and turned his back toward me to discuss quietly with the other man behind him. I ended up putting the papers on the ground and as they walked away, said, “you are being served.”




Granted, in any other situation, these men could claim that I never served them and there would be no proof. It would simply be a matter of “he said, she said.” However, I had a GoPro attached to my shirt that was recording the entire interaction. Once I notified the men that they had been served I also notified them that I had the interaction on camera. The man began to follow me as I walked away, shouting, “while you have me on tape,” then proceeded to chuck the court papers back at me where they landed chaotically on the ground.


Final thoughts


This is the ugly side of Process Serving. This is the side that is not discussed or known by many. It is nice to believe that everyone takes these served papers with ease and complies with the system, but those defendants or respondents are few and far between. More often than not, they behave similarly to the situation described above, or maybe even with more volatility – it is a difficult and risky job. And just how much do they earn to put their lives in harm’s way?  Learn more from this article.

I was onced threatened by a respondent who was reaching out to a concealed weapon in his trunk. I had to leave his property immediately fearing for my life.

I have experience serving unpredictable clients and can do so successfully depending on the situation.

If you need help with serving your potentially explosive or aggressive clients that are evading service. Contact us today for your process serving needs!