Practical Tips to Find Low-Cost Dental Implant Therapy

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Practical Tips to Find Low Cost Dental Implant Therapy. Dental implants are regarded as one of the best procedures for replacing missing teeth. Apart from providing you with the most natural-looking teeth, implants also feel and function like regular teeth. Since they are fixed permanently in place, you can smile, eat, and speak without worries.

Given these benefits, the materials, and work needed to complete a dental implant procedure, among other factors, this teeth-replacement solution is generally more expensive than most options. Statistics show that the average cost of dental implants for a single tooth in the United States is $4,800, while the rate of full mouth implants can be as high as $28,000.

If you want this tooth replacement option, but you are worried about the cost, here are several tips you can consider so that you can find low-cost dental implant therapy:


Practical Tips to Find Low Cost Dental Implant Therapy


Shop Around


Remember how you compare prices before you make a significant purchase? It would help if you did the same when looking for affordable dental implants.

Instead of immediately agreeing to the quote given by your dentist, it will be best to call several practitioners so that you can compare prices. When you do so, you will realize that even dental clinics in the same neighborhood tend to charge differently.

Do not forget to ask for a cost breakdown when asking for quotations. Are consultations, x-rays/scans, preparatory surgeries, implant material, medications, and follow-up visits included in the cost?

Knowing what is included in the rate will help determine if the quote given by one clinic is truly more affordable than others. It will also help you avoid paying for additional charges once you commit to the procedure.


Consider Other Factors


This is one of the most practical tips to find low-cost dental implant therapy. As you know dental implant rates vary because of several factors, many of which are beyond the dental procedure itself. For instance, if you only look at dental clinics located in urban areas and housed in high-class buildings, you can expect the most expensive rates, given the clinics’ high business overhead.

Rather than solely looking at affluent areas, you may want to expand your search to include nearby suburban towns. While you may need to spend more on time and traveling expenses, the hassle may be worth it, given how much you can save on the dental implant procedure.

Apart from considering geographic locations, you may want to look at newly opened dental clinics near you that may offer discounts on their procedures to entice clients. Just make sure to check the dentist’s credentials and experience along with the dental implant costs.


Negotiate with Your Dentist


There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the rates of dental procedures, and the government does not regulate it, so you can try negotiating with your dentist if his/her quoted dental implant costs are too high for you. You can also inquire if the clinic offers financing or other payment plans to help you pay the procedure without the burden.


Search for Funding Options


Apart from searching for dental clinics that offer affordable dental implants, another practical tip to find low cost dental implant therapy is also looking at other options to access this procedure, such as the following:


Dental Financing


Numerous financing institutions that offer dental loans to help you pay for your dental implant procedures. Commonly classified as unsecured personal loans, these loans do not need any collateral. You can secure the funding fast and without much paperwork, provided that you have a decent credit score.

When looking for a lender, make sure to compare requirements, interest rate, additional charges, and how soon you can get the funding. Take all these factors into account to determine if you will be at the winning end when you get a loan.




You may also consider raising funds to pay for your dental implant surgery. Crowdfunding websites like allows you to raise money for personal reasons like getting implants.

Set-up a page and share in detail the need for this procedure and why you are asking for assistance. Highlight how getting implants can positively change your life and explain how the money will be spent. You can send the page link to friends and relatives who understand your situation.


Non-Profit Organizations


You can also try reaching out to non-profit organizations that offer to fund dental work. Make sure to check whether you qualify, before sending your request. Note that requirements and criteria vary depending on the goals and mission of the non-profit agency.


Final words


If you are looking for low-cost dental implant therapy, consider the practical tips to find low cost dental implant therapy above. Just make sure to do your research so that you will not end up sacrificing quality over cost.

Keep in mind that you will most likely end up with more dental issues and more medical fees to pay if you only look at dental implant rates without considering the credentials and experience of the dental practitioner.