Overcoming The Fear of Failure In 3 Steps

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At some point in time in your life, you would have stumbled or done a search on overcoming the fear of failure.

The very thought of failure makes us freeze in our boots, paralyzes and prevents us from acting. We feel like failure is a judgment of our personality, as such – makes us failures. Alas, this is how many people think of themselves.

The truth is, failing is not in any way a measure of our personality. As a matter of fact, failure is the only path to success, and those who have already succeeded, have also failed a thousand times before. In other words, failure is an integral part of success, and success does not come without experiencing some form of failure prior to it.

To reach your goals, you’ must be prepared to fail so many times until you reach the point where there is simply no other way but to succeed.

Failure is the greatest and the most valuable teacher there is.

Try to have this mindset and instill this principle into the minds of people who are struggling to do something positive with their lives.



leverage on failureIf anything, you should praise and embrace it, because if you don’t,  it will beat you to your knees and keep you permanently there if you let it.

Once you’re capable of realizing this, your fear of failure will shrink to small bits and pieces. Yes, it will hurt. Yes, dreams will be shattered and hopes will be torn apart. But you have no idea how strong you will become as a person if you see failure as an opportunity and path to greatness. If you fear getting hurt, then it only means you haven’t experienced the hurt enough to become resilient to it.

One thing is for certain — with each failure you experience, you will be able to handle more than you were able to handle before. You will be able to take huge blows like it’s nothing because failure is not meant to demoralize but strengthen you. You are responsible for how you act after experiencing failure, stop making it seem like it’s the end of the world when you fail at something. Get into the habit of accepting failure and leverage on it. Whenever you set out to do something and you have the fear of failure, compose yourself and say “no matter what happens, I will be capable of standing right back up”.



To attain the greatest success, you’ve to embrace the prospect of failure.


There are times when you will feel too devastated to go on, verily that is the time when most breakthroughs happen, thus, when you feel that way, just remember you are inches away from achieving success.


Many people avoid the possibility of failure, this is totally a wrong approach because success doesn’t come on a silver platter. You have to suffer to grow.

The fear of failure can be overcome in three steps: Accept- Act and Do, Improve, and  Repeat

Accept- Act & Do

When you have the fear of failure, it is important to understand and accept the fact that failure is inevitable, it is path and parcel of the journey to success. Once you fully convinced in your mind,fear of failure you are now ready to undertake that journey to growth and success.


When you fail at something and you feel like quitting, instead of giving up, reevaluate yourself and revisit your strategy each time you fail. Like I earlier mentioned, failure is a teacher, leverage on every failure you encounter as you journey through success. Improve yourself, your skill, your approach. It might be that you need more resources, more practice or more opportunities to achieve your goal.

Theodor Seuss Geisel, popularly known as Dr. Seuss had his first book rejected by 26 different publishers. Instead of giving up, he improved on his skill. Today, Dr. Seuss is a legendary author of children books and have sold over 500 million copies.


Repeat this sequence ( Accept, Act and Do/ Improve) anytime you set out to do anything in life. Be consistent at it and I assure you, success would have no choice but to come to you. This isn’t a “wishful thinking” type of thing, it is a proven success formula that has evidently worked for so many successful men and women in overcoming the fear of failure.

I will conclude this by saying ” I dare you to do what you have always wanted to do and journey through perseverance until you find success”.