Is Donald Trump The Most Hated President?

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“The incredible men and women” is one of the common phrases that we have heard so often in President Donald Trump’s speeches. Generally, he loves using phrases that invoke responses from the audience. If we go by what has gone on ever since he took over as President of the United States (POTUS), his words are not the only things that have been evoking reactions.

According to a survey that was done by Quinnipiac University of 1078 voters, Donald Trump is arguably one of the most egotistical and idiotic presidents America has ever had. From unfairly firing the likes of former FBI director, attempting to cause division amongst Americans, to waging wars against countries, President Trump certainly asks for it. However, before passing judgment to him, let’s first take a trip down memory lane.

Hebert Hoover

After long hours of internet research and scanning through ancient books, I found so many records of presidents who were never pardoned by the people. Once they left statehouse, they were never missed. One such example is Hebert Hoover who was POTUS from 1929-1933. Before the tariff act scandal, he was seen as the pillar of hope when depression set in. However, him signing the tariff act into law was the greatest policy blunder of all time. By signing it into law, he set the stage for World War 2 by fueling international trade wars. Furthermore, his poor communication skills and rigidness were interpreted as mendacity and meanness.

Warren Harding

Now unless you’ve been leaving under a rock, you are aware of Warren Harding’s promiscuous acts. In case you have lived under a rock, let me fill you in. As some will say, he is arguably one of the most shameless and vague presidents America have ever had who ruled from 1921 to 1923. Failing to draw a line between his social life and sovereign duty, Harding was a disaster waiting to happen. Under his rule, the rate of corruption shoot and economic inequality increased. That’s not all. He always had his head buried under the sand when it came to making defining decisions such as the issue of US entry to League of Nations. Perhaps the words that come to people’s minds when his name is mentioned are; “I am not fit for this office and should never have been here”.

James Buchanan

We can’t talk about the most hated presidents of America without mentioning James Buchanan who ruled from 1857 to 1861. He was the force behind the spread of Slavery across all states despite calls and petitions to abolish this inhuman act. I can go on and on about Franklin Pierce and the likes.

Donald Trump

Looking at the trend and his predecessors, President Trump has his work cut out for him. Recorded in histories are the worst accounts against humanity, democracy and the constitution done by American Presidents. In his first year, president Trump has definitely stepped on many toes and echoed the worst of all hated presidents. He is vulgar and unstoppable. His ignorance and borderline personality have given him the name “Dumb Trump”. Most people say that he is prone to tantrums, confused and incoherent. The description of President Trump that seems to be emphasized is that he is the con man huckster of all time who creates sideshows to fool the public and the media.

Well, there you have it, folks. Though he is not yet half the cheat Buchanan was and half the monster called Bashar al-Assad  — who is definitely the most hated president in the World as we speak. Trump, however, is the most hated and unpopular president by Americans. Though I cannot deny that I don’t like some of his policies and how he stood up for Syria after chemical weapon attacks on civilians.