Massive Games To Play Until You Buy Your Next Gen Consoles

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The Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X next gen consoles are here…sorta. 

Thanks to the pandemic and the typical shortage of supply during console release, the next gen console ‘dawning’ is probably postponed for many. Whether you are short on funds or just aren’t quick enough to click ‘Add To Cart’ when next-gen supplies periodically arise, have no fear. Current gen consoles are deep into holiday sales and the getting is so good!


Massive Games To Play Until You Buy Your Next Gen Consoles


No matter what genre of games you frequent, the sales and content is ‘a flowin’! So let’s take a deep dive into a few great games that have a ton of content to chew through. Whether you’re talking new characters, new maps, or new content, these massive games to play until you buy your next gen consoles games will keep you going for months.


Borderlands 3



Those who know the Borderlands franchise know that this loot based shooter always packs a ton of goodies inside. Even if you purchase the Borderlands collections (which contains 3 of the previous Borderlands games and ALL of their DLC), you will be pleasantly overwhelmed by the insane amounts of loot. With each game featuring 4 or more different characters each with unique skills and skill trees, you will grab more guns, shields, and Eridium than you can shake a backpack at!

To top it off, the entire Borderlands franchise features excellent online and local co-op opportunities. The main campaigns are a decent length and all of the various DLC provide more laughs, loot, and boss fights to keep you coming back over and over again! There is even a extension for streamers looking to interact with their viewers. Not only can the viewers toss in boosts to help during various events, some of the loot that is extracted by the player has a chance to be gifted to the viewers Borderlands 3 accounts as well! With this game delving into Season 2 content at the end of 2020 with plans for more in the Spring of 2021, Borderlands 3 will keep vault hunters salivating and fragging for quite some time. 

Thankfully, if you don’t finish all of this massive content before your Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X arrives, there is a free next-gen update to keep your progress going without having to purchase the game again for your next gen console.


Destiny 2


Destiny 2 is kind of a cheat on this list given that it is now free to play. As a spiritual successor to Halo, Bungie has crafted an ever evolving FPS loot shooter that has a healthy fanbase. Not only can you frag aliens with friends during in-game events and missions, the multiplayer mode will always keep you grinding to get better gear so that you can stay competitive. With all of the cosmetic gear that you can find and all of the various weapons that you can earn and loot, Destiny 2 is without a doubt a content rich loot based shooter that will keep you involved for quite some time before you even touch the DLC missions and add-ons.

Not only that, if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you get the DLC packs for free. This means Shadowkeep, Forsaken, and the recently released Beyond Light. Doing so means that you get access to all of the new campaign areas and the latest raids. Just the existence of the raids alone should keep one busy for quite some time as it takes the strongest of gear and squadmates to conquer. Do so by a certain timeframe and Bungie even has custom gear that you can order from them as a reward for defeating the raids! 

Again, Destiny 2 has a free next gen upgrade as well that opens up a higher performance version of the game. Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X gamers will enjoy higher resolution and better framerates as they explore all of Destiny 2’s content.


Monster Hunter World


Monster Hunter World

As one of the thickest action RPG games on the market, Monster Hunter World is at the top of it’s game now. Capcom has delivered one of the most immersive action RPGs ever and the content is still flowing! 

With a super active online community, Monster Hunter World encourages you to play alone or with online strangers in a cooperative way that is both welcoming and at time necessary. Without the need to mic up and do too much communicating with others, Monster Hunter World simply drops you into a lush and living landscape and lets you explore.

Even without its Iceborne Expansion, reaching a ‘Master Rank’ in Monster Hunter World is a task that could take well over a hundred hours. Whether slaying or capturing your prey, you are constantly farming for resources, building better gear, and paying close attention to events. For example, with the incoming release of the live action Monster Hunter movie on December 25th has themed content and gifts. Starring Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa, Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris, Meagan Good, Diego Boneta, Josh Helman, Jin Au-Yeung and Ron Perlman the movie will assuredly bring an influx of new players AND game sales!


The Witcher 3


Billed as one of the greatest action RPGs ever made, The Witcher 3 is a juggernaut of storytelling and content. Playing as a magic wielding monster hunter named Geralt, you learn and build skills, spells, weapons, armor, friends, and lovers in an epic open world story. Without delving too much into the story, CD Projekt Red weaves an intricate tale that is well written, well acted, and supremely enjoyable to play. There’s hours upon hours of side quests, main missions, and open world exploration encounters that will fill many gaming sessions. 

Of course, this offering is but a stepping stone for the incoming epic action RPG called Cyberpunk 2077 set for release in December. As one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, Cyberpunk 2077 looks to dethrone CD Projekt Red’s previous achievement in The Witcher 3. One would be wise to play both games if immersive storytelling is something they crave.


Fallout 4


Built by the legendary creators of the Elder Scrolls franchise (Bethesda Game Studios), Fallout 4 is the latest offering in one of the most storied open world first person RPGs ever made. Set in a post apocalyptic Boston, Fallout 4 is a master at delivering open world exploration. With tons of DLC that include more story, more gear, more monsters, and more build and customization options, Fallout 4 is a buffet of RPG opportunity.

Within you can lead a group of survivors by building a series of settlements. By doing so, you can unlock greater wealth, more trade options, and more. Of course, as your settlements grow, so does the need to protect them. Then you’ll require resources to build defenses so that you won’t have to run back every time an mutant war party decides to raid your wealth!

Even with all of the DLC additions, you’ll also be able to download and upload mods whether on console or PC that will alter the look, feel, and content of the game as well!


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2


This game definitely made out list of massive games to play until you buy your next gen consoles. With an eerie story that includes a pandemic that rages through parts of America, The Division 2 is a game that has quite a bit of content. With an active community that is dedicated to optimizing character builds and tackling the game’s difficult raids, The Division 2 is an excellent addition to this list. 

The Division 2 has you taking on the roll of a highly customizable military agent tasked with blasting his way through Washington D.C. to save various communities of survivors. Lawlessness has taken hold and factions of agitators and bullies have terrorized those who cannot defend themselves. Played out in an open world third person shooter perspective, you discover and improve tons of loot from stat affecting armor, to various types of weapons. You also utilize high tech gadgets to overpower and outsmart your foes in highly detailed recreation of the Washington D.C. area. 

As you explore and grind for loot, you’ll have the opportunity to play online coop missions and raids. When you are bored with that, you can test out your build’s against other players in various PvP competitive areas and modes that offer even more opportunities to earn better gear too. 

As it stands, there are no plans for a dedicated next gen console port for the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X consoles. Instead, the game will get backwards compatibility patches that allow for 4K resolution and 60 frames per second performance on next gen consoles.


Mortal Kombat 11


Mortal Kombat is easily at the top of the mountain with regards to quality fighting games. While most other fighting games are either honing older titles that didn’t do too well, Mortal Kombat as a franchise is on a roll delivering a content rich product that has exciting and meaningful fighter DLC that the people want.


Other one of our top massive games to play until you buy your next gen consoles is the Mortal Kombat 11. In terms of standard content, Mortal Kombat has always had a great story mode that pushes you to learn a few of the main characters’ movesets. With patience, getting through the entire story mode grants you quite a bit of in-game currency, and that’s where the longevity of the game begins. 

As you delve into the rest of the modes, you find challenges and battles that grant you the ability to further customize each of the character’s that you have. That customization can be cosmetic or substantive! You will unlock new moves, new styles, new weapons, new outfits, new fatalities and so forth. Then once you have it all, you can change each character to play how you like and use them in all of the modes except for the e-sports battles. massive games to play until you buy your next gen consoles

With all of that choice and customization that can even be used on the active multiplayer online scene, Mortal Kombat 11 will keep any fight busy for quite some time without even touching the additional DLC fighters! Toss in the fact that owners of the current gen version of Mortal Kombat 11 get the digital next gen console version of the game and you have yet another home-run!


No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky got an unfair wrap during its release back in 2016. The promise of unlimited space exploration and unparalleled customization had the gaming world baffled… until the game was released. Then, the limitations of our space exploration were realized and the game suffered from some pretty harsh criticism. Even then, the developers promised that they wouldn’t abandon the game and laid down an ambitious and dedicated roadmap to future success. Low and behold, they lived up to their promise and the results have been quite impressive!

No Man’s Sky is an open ended FPS RPG that has you exploring an infinite procedurally generated universe. As you explore planets, you can permanently name the planet, the creatures, and the vegetation that inhabit that planet. Then you take off with your trusty spaceship and do it all over again. The appeal in that repetition is enhanced with improving the technology your explorer and ship has. You use the technology to gather and refine resources to build and improve more of your technology. Then, you use that technology to build bases and purchase bigger and better tech. 

Regardless of how you play, each and every planet you land on will have different conditions, weather, biomes, and so forth that will keep that space explorer in you coming back for more and more!

There are many more massive games to play until you buy your next gen consoles – plenty more games like these with massive amounts of content and story to delve into! Here’s a few on the honorable mentions list:

  • Assassin’s Creed Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla
  • Fortnite Save The World
  • Divinity Original Sin 2
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • GTA V
  • Red Dead Redemption 2