iPhone X

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Gone are the days when having a Smartphone was just enough. The number of devices that are available to choose from have exceptional features. From 4GB ram to the most recent Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, phone manufacturers are not leaving anything to chance just to stay ahead in the game.

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are aware of Apple’s latest masterpiece, iPhone X. Just to be clear, the pronunciation is ‘ten’ and not ‘ex’. If we go by what was said at the Apple’s event, then iPhone X is the phone of the future. It is powerful, beautiful and complainers will hardly have something to talk about. Also, they reported that when they do launch it, the supply will be very limited hence I sought to find out if it is worth the wait and the $1000 price tag attached to it. Let’s take a look at some things that stole the show for me.


Wireless charging

If you ask me, I think it was about time Apple introduced the latest wireless charging technology to its iPhone series. Obviously, Apple was playing catch up by adding this feature as it was already present in Samsung’s latest versions. If you are always on the charger because your iPhone cannot last you a whole day, this is the phone for you. The wireless charging enables your battery to have a longer lifespan as compared to other iPhones. At the launch, they also mentioned that the back glass cover is the brains behind this industry- Qi-wireless technology.

The Cameras

With dual rear 12 mp cameras, most people were and are still obsessed with iPhone 8 plus. Of course, that’s until you get to experience the difference created by the dual optical image stabilizationiphone 2017 for both rear cameras in iPhone X. With these, the cameras can focus faster and take low-light shots. The front True depth camera is slightly larger than usual because of the facial ID recognition feature.

Augmented Reality

Though it wasn’t properly exhausted, this feature sealed the deal for me. The rear cameras can be able to detect a gap and place virtual objects into the real world on the screen. The AR space creates an opportunity for developers to play with and have fun while at it. For users, you will have an opportunity to have fun in some of the cool games which are amazing. Lastly, the Animojis present will definitely crack you up as you figure out when and where to use them.

Other features include the facial recognition instead of the usual Touch ID, the 5.8 display screen, a laser-focused design and the new iOS 11 version.

The iPhone X is secure and solid in your hand. It is also very light because of the glass.

Despite having all these wonderful additions, I think the more we progress, the more the iPhone becomes complex. Once upon a time, Apple’s focus was to achieve simplicity in all the iPhones. Behind the Apple’s powerful adverbs and mystical presentation of the iPhone X, you will see quite a number of flaws which include:

  • The facial recognition might not be up to speed when it comes to switching across social media apps
  • App developers may need to scale up to take advantage of the full screen
  • The lip gets in the way in terms of aesthetic

I would give it 4.2 stars so far but let’s wait for the official November launch to get a more embryonic review.