How-To Topics That Capture Audience Attention

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How-to topics that capture audience attention. With people being home more recently, they are doing home repairs themselves. Yes, do-it-yourself (DIY) has increased across the nation. And so have websites that instruct homeowners how to do repairs and upgrades.

Many people have done a few home repairs in the past but need to brush up on the details or find out what is new and trending. Therefore, there is a growing need for DIY and how-to articles, blogs, and websites.


How-to topics that capture audience attention


You are probably wondering what articles to write that would capture the attention of the people? The first on the list is:


The DIY Barn Door Install


A popular addition to many homes is barn doors. Homeowners want to know how to hang a barn door rather than pay the expense of hiring a professional. If you can get a professional, that is.
Many professional contractors are booked up for weeks at a time. Another reason homeowners are going to doing it themselves.


Gardening Trends Homeowners Want to Know


Another increasing trend is building a vegetable garden. Expanding the present garden’s growing size. Or how to build a garden area from scratch. Information about soil testing, how to build up the soil to the correct PH. Detailed instructions on building and maintaining compost units are needed.

Trends in alternate growing methods are popular. Methods like hydroponic, aquaponic, and aeroponic growing systems. Gardeners are also interested in garden towers and container gardens.

Articles about growing various fruits and vegetables. How to take care of the garden after it is planted. And details about caring for fruit trees.


How to Raise Chickens or Rabbits


Homeowners are concerned with the slow replenishment of food in grocery stores. They have decided to start raising chickens or rabbits for food. They want to learn how to care for these animals.

How many chickens do you need to produce a certain number of eggs? You might need information on dealing with eggs and how to butcher the birds or rabbits when the time comes.

Included in this trend are how to build a chicken coup or rabbit cage, what tools to use, and how big the coup should be. How much room do chickens need to run?


Landscaping and Outdoor Space


Many homeowners are downsizing their lawn and mowing jobs by increasing low-maintenance landscaping. Things like black or red rocks with a few low-maintenance bushes and flora are popular.

The following are a list of outdoor projects homeowners want to learn about:


  • Outdoor Landscaping Design and Installation
  • Fence and Gate Installation
  • Exterior Building Maintenance and Painting
  • Deck Staining and Sealing
  • Deck or Porch Remodel or Initial Build
  • Play Equipment Installation and Construction
  • Artificial Turf Installation
  • Swimming Pool Repair and Maintenance
  • Sprinkler or Irrigation System Installation or Relocation and Maintenance
  • Patio Remodel or Addition
  • Gazebo Installation and Construction


Repair and Maintenance of the Interior of Their Home


Homeowners are spending time fixing up the interior of their homes as well. While they have the time, it just makes sense to get the home repairs caught up. Many home improvement plans have been on the list for years waiting for the homeowner to have the time. Many of these are:


  • Interior Painting
  • TV Mounting
  • Floor Installation or Replacement
  • Tile Installation
  • Lighting Installation
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Door Installation
  • Home Remodeling Services
  • Fan Installation
  • Wallpaper Installation


Home Decor and Interior Design Tips


This is another good how-to topics that capture audience attention. Many homeowners want to redecorate their homes but spend very little money to do so. Ways to make the home more comfortable and presentable on a budget. These are key DIY tips trending right now. Ways to create a comfortable home, easy ideas that don’t cost a lot of money.

Decorating small spaces is a challenge for many homeowners. Informational blogs on ways to address these issues are highly sought after. Information on choosing the right decor. And how to select things that are beautiful and functional.


Cooking and Baking


Many people want to learn to cook their favorite foods at home. Learning to make pizza dough, bread, and desserts is at the top of the list.

People want to learn to make pasta Alfredo, marinara sauces, and pesto sauces. Learning to grill chicken, steaks, and other meats is popular. Various ways to smoke or barbeque foods is another.

People want to learn how to make their favorite dishes. Learning to cook them brings great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.


Wrap up


I hope you found this post on how-to topics that capture audience attention beneficial for you? if we missed out on any topic; Please, leave a comment below and be rest assured that we would include it in the article.

Also, don’t forget to share the article, perhaps someone in your circle would find it beneficial too.