How to Get Over a Bad Breakup

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A breakup has the potential of turning your world completely upside-down. As hard as it is to face, you need to be prepared for it (not wishing it happens to you) however, if it happens at least you know how to react and what to do. My point exactly is, you need to figure out ways to get over it and move on with your life. In order to do so with as much success as possible, here are some handy tips on how to get over a bad breakupcrying girl successfully:


1. Distance yourself from your ex

While you may think it’s a good idea to keep your ex around as a friend, that would only do you more harm than good with respect to your emotional well-being. Why go through so much pain keeping your ex around when all you will get from that is sad memories of what you lost? …..If you’re constantly seeing your ex around. In other words: no messages, no Facebook, no physical contact, and no photos.

2. Remove the painful emotional triggers

Remove the photos and everything else that triggers the memories of you and your ex — That isn’t all. You should also avoid visiting the places that reminds you of your ex. In the case whereby you can’t get rid of certain things  — due to necessity, take for example a car. In this case, what you can do is sell the car and buy another one.

3. Pursue your interests and hobbies

Pursuing your interests will help to turn your focus away from from the memories of what you’ve lost.

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop

Not only will being active with your hobbies help you to heal fast but will also make you happy, because generally, hobbies are a source of happiness according to research studies. If you don’t engage in activities that make you happy following a break-up, you might end up being depressed which could lead to more severe problems. Essentially, after a breakup, you really want to hold on to every single piece of happiness you can get.

girl drinking4. Take care of yourself

Recovering from a breakup takes time to heal, just as it took some time in the beginning for the relationship to build up. It is very common to find people from a broken relationship frequenting the pub and club just to get over the feeling of loneliness. Getting drunk every night or having one night stand every other day isn’t going to help you out in anyway positive. No matter how much you’d like to fill that empty hole, doing things like that is certainly going to be bad for you in the long run. You should do everything in your power to resist the temptation that comes from all angles. Make sure you get enough sleep, engage in your hobbies, eat and drink healthy.

5. Know that what you’re experiencing is normal

The feelings of sadness, fear, helplessness, and being afraid that you will end up alone, are all completely normal in the recovery phase of a break-up. With time, these emotions will pass and will not be as intensive as they are in the beginning, in no time you will begin to function just as any other normal person.

6. Surround yourself with your friends

Be in the company of people you hold dear. Make sure the people you surround yourself with are positive minded and supportive. Cut loose anyone that encourages you to “dig up bones”. You don’t need that.

7. Write about your feelings

Writing about your feelings is certainly a good way to overhaul your mind. For example, you can write about “good qualities of yourself”  — how special you are as a person. This will help you appreciate yourself more (as opposed to feeling broken hearted) and why you’re still very much worthy of being loved.

8. Focus on your ex’s negative traits

No one is perfect, and neither is your ex. Focus on the negative traits of your ex (laughs). While this may sound unfair and contrary to what I said about avoiding the thought of your ex. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid the flashing thoughts that come along with break-ups. However, you can replace those flashing thoughts by focusing on the irritating side of your ex. Perhaps your ex was cold, had a bad sense of humor, slow-wittedness, unhygienic or had a bad grooming habit? There are many of these to be found if you only think hard enough.

I will end this by saying “Be Happy”. Life is too short to spend another day crying over spilled milk.