How Much Do SEO Freelancers Make?

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How much do SEO freelancers make? If you have an idea about freelancing, chances are you also know some of the “top freelance marketing platforms” such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, just to mention a few.

Some freelancers could make up to $500 per day, weekly or monthly. But who are SEO freelancers and how much do make?

Basically, an SEO freelancer is someone who provides SEO services but doesn’t work for a specific company. Successful SEO freelancers have the quality of an SEO specialist. Some of them work for credible SEO companies but do freelance SEO on the side, other SEO freelancers are registered companies who sign up on freelance marketing platforms to sell their services.


So, how much do SEO freelancers make?


This question doesn’t have a definite answer as it will mostly depend on different factors such as the length of time you work every day and the type of  SEO work that you do. SEO is not just limited to building links and keyword analysis as there is so much more to it. There are other subsets of SEO that you can sell such as On Page SEO, Technical SEO, Content Writing, etc. These services can be sold alone without doing full service SEO.

If you will consider all the freelancers out there, the average annual earning of a freelancer is about $40,000. It might seem low yet you need to understand that not all freelancers are working full time and some are students who are doing  freelancing as a side income. Established freelancers can easily reach the $100,000 mark. You can make this possible as long as what you are doing is truly your passion.

A successful SEO Freelancer on Fiverr makes around $1000-1500 per week. How do i arrive at this conclusion? I have observed a Fiverr SEO seller profile OZZIEUK for over 2 months –  the least number of orders in his queue before the end of the week is around 50.

Some other SEO freelancers could  even be making more than $1500 a week selling SEO services, while some might be struggling to make $100 or less a week. It all depends on your expertise and how well you have established yourself.

Ofcourse, there is so much handwork involved before you can earn $1000 + in a week as an SEO freelancer. The following is what you need to do in other to be a successful SEO freelancer.


Stay Up to Date All the Time


SEO freelancers should be updated with the latest SEO techniques and trends if they want to become successful. This is because clients will more likely work with an SEO company for their SEO needs instead of hiring an SEO freelancer.

It means that your reputation and credibility as an SEO freelancer should be able to keep up with the companies offering SEO services. You might also want to be constantly updated with what website or keyword sees a traffic spike.


Take Your Competition Seriously


SEO freelancers should know that there are many competitors aside from the usual ones in the freelance platform’s search result pages. Don’t forget that you are not the one and only freelancer in the world as there are hundreds of others who are as skilled as you in ranking websites.

An SEO freelancer must look beyond the market’s apparent competition. You have to realize that there are different forms of competitors out there. When you are an SEO freelancer, the best thing to do is choose two or three competitors every month and conduct a thorough research of their techniques and tricks, what SEO services they provide on their profile and how they present themselves. The idea is to stand out from the rest. Strive to provide more values for your clients.


Establish Connections and Stay on Top


It is mandatory for SEO freelancers to have lasting and excellent relationships in today’s business world. This will help people know and realize your worth which will help you gradually gain a global standing.

SEO freelancers, if possible, should always remain on top of things and be the first ones to master new techniques because SEO are constantly updated i.e. weekly, monthly, and yearly. It means that there is always something new to learn about SEO.


Last words


Now that you have a rough idea how much SEO freelancers could make weekly, monthly, and yearly, and you know what you need to do in other to earn $1000 a week doing freelance SEO.