Enhancing Customer Experience For Your Website

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The article is going to give a sneak peek at some trending customer experience hacks that could save you thousands of dollars. A happy and satisfied customer brings other customers to the table. As such, better customer service is more practical than putting in high cost for advertising. Here are few design features to enhance customer experience.


Using personalized messages is one of the most effective ways to engage with your visitors and turn them into customers. The visitors who visit your site for the first time are bombarded with too much information which can be confusing. Keep the website design simple, easy and always be available on chat to maintain a continuous connection with the users. Starting a chat with the users gives a sign that you are ready to help them which eventually translates to a better experience for the users.

What you need to do is?
• Customize your greetings for visitors.
• Assist and help them on the site by answering to their queries.

For Example,
When you see that a visitor is looking through your site, going through your products or services, you can simply ask them.

Message: “Hi, I have noticed that you are taking a closer look at the products. Can I help you? “

You can also customize your greetings for returning customers, which gives a more customized experience that makes them stick around a little longer.

Don’t Let The Customer Wait:

A visitor is likely to leave your site if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. The trick is not only in the web design but also in the delay in responding to a chat query.
The purpose of a pop-up chat window is to start the communication immediately without any delay. Therefore, the live chat agents must be available to attend to a maximum number of users without letting them wait for too long.

ClickBurst – chatbot experts note that you need to balance having access to chatbots with load speed – if you use low-quality chat programs these can substantially increase load times, increasing bounce rates and decreasing potential site viewers”

Enable Co-Browsing:

There may be a situation when solving a customer’s query is difficult because the customer is not as tech savvy as they earlier led on. In such situation, co-browsing lets the customer share the web page with the agent so that the agent can view the user’s screen, navigate and solve the query.

Why use it?
• To navigate on behalf of the customer
• It saves the time for both the client and the agent.
• It enhances the customer experience and satisfies the user.
• It provides a solution at one go without hassles.
Companies must have the co-browsing tool to keep themselves updated with the latest technology and assist their customers in a better way.

Companies must have the co-browsing tool to keep themselves updated with the latest technology and assist their customers in a better way.

Use Canned Responses:

It is obvious that an agent can only respond to few visitors at a time. Therefore, canned responses can help in a better way to respond to the users’ query at one go.

What is in it for you?
• Canned responses save time.
• Canned responses save effort.
• Canned responses are professional and personalized.
• Canned responses can be sent quickly in seconds.

Sharpen Your Emails Skills:

The emails you send to your customers matter a lot. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to keep your users engaged.

• Respond promptly.
• Solve your customers’ problem immediately.
• Use a professional, yet conversational tone.
• Keep your message brief and easy to understand.
• Send a follow-up e-mail and ask them to fill out a survey.

Implement Call-To-Action (CTA):

The visitors will either be confused or leave your site if they do not find any direction on your site. These buttons guide the users onto the next step on the page. Some examples like Click here for more information, Signup to get a free tutorial, watch the video, Checkout the latest offer, etc. Give a better path to the users and improves the user experience for a website.

Use Very Light Images:

Not every image fits with the content; it is important to use appropriate images on your site most importantly make it accessible for all.

Easy Navigation:

A disorganized site is the worst experience a user can have. To improve your user interface you need to have a proper website navigation system to ensure that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for. It will not only enhance the customer’s experience but will also make your website look better.

Mobile Optimization:

Research shows that 80% of the internet users own a smartphone and do an online search using their phones. It is a necessity to tailor your site to fit the needs and wants of your visitors.It is never too late to improve and change. Get the above features implemented in your web design and customer support program to enhance customer’s satisfaction and retain them.