A Note on Love

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The world will always tell you,

if someone is really in love with you, it’s not about what you have.


Well the statement is true given that we would have limited love to material possessions. However, let me introduce this new understanding, everyone who loves you; it is because of at least one thing you have.

You are loved for material worth

There are people who will smile and hug you only when you have something in hand. They will treat you special until you spend out of budget and leave you broke. It still remains love, but materially motivated. You’re loved for what you have.

You are loved for your kind heart

People are loved for who they are. It is also the same character that will harvest enemies on your behalf. The moment you have a kind heart, you become a more approachable person. People will love to be around you because of your kindness. It therefore means that people will love you for what you have.

You will be loved for your appearance

Sometimes it can be just your smile or dressing that draws people closer to you. They will develop the love for you so that they could be associated with that guy or girl with a cool smile. Your sense of fashion will even help theirs to be noticed. In other word,  you earn them publicity. Hence, you remain loved for what you have.

You will be loved for your love in return

Last but not least, your heart speaks. When you show potential to love in return then you are loved. Even those moments we say ‘true love’, none of the lovers don’t expect love from their partners. Each partner in the first place expects commitment from the other.

To cut the long story short, it goes to show that love is all about benefiting. Nobody loves just for the sake of love. No matter how far we may go trying to justify true love as not demanding, the laws of exchange will always prevail.

In a relationship one may claim that they love the other just for who they are. The very same people will always crave for attention from the people they love. When the attention is not given in full, then there is fire on the mountain. The tension between the concerned parties develops and becomes a threat to the relationship.

Others opine that the best way to prevent heartbreak and disappointment is : not expecting anything in return  — but is it possible? Food for thought.

About Love and Trust

Trust is a mutual feeling that is reserved towards one or more people by any individual. When one loves, it means they trust the other with their joy and the well being of their hearts at large. Thus, to either be loved or loved back one needs to be trustworthy.

  1. Trust does not gossip. It keeps a secret safe
  2. Trust means I can depend on you when in need

Trust goes an extra mile to help the other, knowing

Maintaining love bonds


In whatever kind of relationship we find ourselves in, communication is key. When at least two people share information properly amongst themselves, the flow of events becomes smooth. It is only when either one or all individuals concerned fail to communicate, then trust begins to disappear.


Honesty plays an important part in love. Honesty is a self driven virtue motivated by self respect. When you respect yourself, you obviously should understand how others will feel when not respected and lied to. Thus, honesty is important to prevent one of the lovers from feeling disrespected.