7 Things to Look At When Choosing a Domain Name

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A domain name is a cornerstone of getting your business online. If you are taking your brand online, you will definitely need a website with a suitable domain name.

As perfectly chosen domain name has a huge impact on click and search rates, social media results, referring links, and offline advertising, we’re going to present tips on how to choose the best domain name for your business.

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Unique and Meaningful

Domain name is not just a word. When you hear a domain name it should sound like your business brand. There are millions of domains registered, so having a unique and memorable one will help your clients to find and remember you better.

Easy to Type

Grammatically accurate and easy to type domains are easier to remember and find. Getting a domain with a slang, for example, z instead of s makes it harder to remember and find your website if the name is forgotten. Numbers and hyphens should not be used in your domain name as it is harder to remember and type them correctly.

Make it Short

The shorter the domain name, the better. When a name is long and complex it is much easier to mistype it. Make it as short as possible.

Choose a Suitable Domain Extension

Choose a domain extension that suits your market. The extension “.com” is one of the most recognizable ones and, if available, it is the best choice for your business. Even if you do not need the “.com” at first, later on, when your business gets bigger, you will eventually need to expand to this extension.

Avoid  Well-known Brand and Trademark Names

Avoid names that are similar or alternative to other companies’ names. This will also protect you should legal issues regarding the trademark ownership occur. The simplest way is to just search for the domain name you are considering online and check if there is no such name already trademarked or branded.

Show your Market Area

Make the domain name indicative of what your company does.  You can target your local market by including the area or city name into your domain. This is recommended if your business is restricted to one area, as it would help visitors to understand where you provide your services.

Add Keywords

If you can get a keyword included in your domain name,   go for it, as it helps to make it obvious what your website is about. Some other providers may recommend having a domain name with search engine keywords in order to improve traffic. However, be careful and do not cram too many keywords into your domain. It is much more recommended to choose a name that is unique and has a broader meaning than just the one keyword.

Wrap up

To sum up, creating and registering an appropriate domain for your website is one of the main steps when going online. A well-chosen domain name can improve your website’s reachability and traffic. Take your time before registering a great name and it will help your business and brand to grow.

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