5 Reasons Why Girls Scout Cookie Strain Is Popular

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The Girls Scout cookie (GSC) strain might be one of the most popular hybrid strains out there today. Scratch that. It is one of the most popular strains at all, and that is not without reason.

First coming on to the scene somewhere around the year 2011, here are five (5) reasons why this hybrid strain is taking everywhere by the storm.

The Aroma

If you have ever been in the room when a jar of the girl’s scout cookies was open, you would probably know why this is the first thing on the list of why they are so famous these days.

Even before you put your hands on it, the flowery, sweet and piny flavor that wafts into the room is already so inviting.

GSC reminds you of the sweetest things you have ever put in your mouth and then, tops that with the promise of a high. Speaking of highs…

The High

THC is the active content in any marijuana strain. The GSC strain usually has a low value of 22% on the average and frankly speaking, that is high for any marijuana strain at all.

It is even more surprising that some GSC strains and crosses could record as much as 30% THC. Believe us when we say that number is so high, there is a high chance it has been on some girl’s scout cookies cannabis itself.

All. Pun. Intended!

The Appearance

It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The thing with GSC cannabis is, almost everyone will be mesmerized into being that ‘beholder.’ There can be different variations in the color but some things will always remain the same.

Talk of the distinctive, dark green color, purple leaves and orange hairs, and you have the beautiful GSC strain staring back at you.

The Flavor

One of the reasons why the girls scout cookies have risen up the ranks in popularity is because of the flavor they bring with them. Everyone who has ever had a taste will swear that they taste like the actual Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

That is why consumers will always want more of it after the first trial. Its popularity due to flavor is not even helped by the fact that no other cultivar holds a candle to this taste

Other effects

Top marijuana sites agree that the GSC cannabis increases happiness in users by a perfect 100%. That is then closely followed by its relaxation effects which are way more than 90% on the scale. Don’t even get us started on how euphoric and uplifted it makes users. Need we say more?