5 Ideas to Keep Your Home Healthy

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5 Ideas to Keep Your Home Healthy. Imagine waking up every morning and realizing that your home environment might be contributing to that nagging cough or sniffly nose. If you have any pre-existing allergies to outdoor pollens, having your indoor space be full of toxins will exacerbate your condition. Creating a healthy home goes above and beyond simply making fresh chocolate chip cookies and having the aroma emanate throughout your kitchen.

Your home environment, from your sliding barn door hardware to your new decorative rug, needs to feel comfortable, safe, and above all, free of inflammatory triggers to your body. Lead paint, carbon monoxide, mold are all health hazards that signal it’s time to refurbish your home space.

Take extra precautions to ensure it remains a relaxing environment and adds to your well-being, not invoking disease or illnesses. From the water that spills from your faucets to the air ventilation that flows through your home, having a healthy living space means rethinking your habits and perhaps renovating what’s not working anymore.


What Are 5 Ideas to Keep Your Home Healthy?


Maintaining a healthy home need not be difficult if you follow the guidelines that are typically outlined when you make a residential purchase. After living in your dwelling for years on end though, you might find that some tasks have fallen by the wayside and it’s time to revisit or revamp. Following are five ideas to keep your home healthy.


Periodic Cleaning


It’s fine to hire a housekeeper once every week to get down and dirty with vacuuming and dusting, but a thorough cleaning means more than upkeep; it translates to:

  • Outside gutters swept out prior to the rainy season
  • Moving the refrigerator and cleaning the accumulated dirt behind it
  • Clearing out closets and removing all dust bunnies in the corners
  • Sweeping spider webs off the ceiling and indoor fans
  • Changing out the filter in the air conditioner
  • Removing items from cabinets and pantries and thoroughly cleansing shelves
  • Scrubbing lime deposits out of showers and bathtubs
  • Sweeping spider webs and all leaves from outdoor house panels and wood
  • Cleaning the inside of the refrigerator

By cleaning out dust and contaminants with effective wet-cleaning methods, you’ve also managed to remove clutter and recreate smooth and efficient surfaces.


5 ideas to keep your home healthy


Ventilation is Key


Ventilating your home involves opening windows and doors to bring in fresh air from the outside. This will alleviate mold building up in bathrooms or kitchens, while also avoiding a dangerous health hazard. Install exhaust fans or vents to keep air circulating throughout your home and to ensure you’re breathing in the fresh air.


Keep Your Space Pest-Free


Remember when you would turn the lights on in the kitchen at night and the cockroaches would scatter? Depending on your climate and location, pests are a constant in any home. Spiders, mice, ants, and yes, cockroaches, are the bugs and invaders who love nothing more than to enjoy a meal and some warmth in your inside environment. But how do you ensure you can get rid of them humanely and forever?

Call a professional pest service who understands where these creatures live and what attracts them inside your space. Instead of spreading poisonous substances in areas of your home that your dog or cat may find attractive, have your pest service provide healthy alternatives so no one gets hurt or becomes ill.

Plan to store your food in sealed containers. Secure cracks and openings where the bugs and small predators might enter and wreak havoc. All animals are seeking food and shelter, therefore having the least-toxic pesticides in and outside of your home will guarantee they don’t return.


Add Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Depending on the size of your home, it’s important to install a carbon monoxide detector that will alert you to any potential for poisonous gases in the home. Inhaling this for lengths of time will damage your lungs and possibly lead to death. If you enjoy the fireplace in the wintertime or cooking with charcoal, your carbon monoxide levels increase and a detector helps monitor the levels in your home to keep them healthy.


Don’t Smoke


I will wrap up my 5 ideas to keep your home healthy with “Cigarette or weed Smoking”. Not only is cigarette smoke damaging to your lungs over the long haul, smoking indoors will accelerate lung cancer as well as tarnish your furnishings and windows. Excessive smoking for years in your home will create tainted drapes, carpets, windowpanes, and every inch of your home will reek of smoke. It’s not healthy and it doesn’t make your home healthy.


See the video below for more TIPS on how to keep your home healthy



Final thoughts


These are some of the ways in which you can create a healthy home. If you plan to renovate, keep these tips in mind. If you are partaking in a major cleaning overhaul, install what needs to ensure safety and add some natural plants and light indoors to perk up your mood and purify your air.

If you consult a professional who understands how to maintain a safe and healthy home environment, remember that these folks know the ins and outs and where to begin.