3 Importance Purposes of Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

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Let’s take a Closer Look at Stainless Steel Drinking Straws and Why they are so Awesome!

Many people are finding alternatives to drinking from plastic straws mainly because of the enormous negative impact plastic straws have on the environment. One of the more suitable and longer-lasting solutions is opting in to use stainless steel drinking straws.

Today, we’re going to be looking at a few reasons why Stainless steel drinking straws are awesome and why you should own a set or two yourself!

Reducing Environmental Impact


The first biggest benefit of owning these stainless steel straws is that you’re opting out of “Big Plastic”. Big Plastic isn’t a particular organization or corporation but rather the model of consumption we have grown accustomed to.

We have been raised as a “Buy-Toss” generation, meaning that we produce more waste than all other generations combined.


By switching to Stainless Steel Drinking Straws you’re removing between 500-700 straws from being tossed into landfills or the ocean each year. Think about how many sea turtles you’re saving with that number…all thanks to you making an ethical decision to use stainless steel over plastic.

The Power of Re-Use


Because stainless steel drinking straws are sturdy, won’t break and can last you a lifetime (reusable straws)…it’s a wonderful product to have. By buying a set or two, you could essentially stop using plastic straws forever.

Most stainless steel drinking straw sets come equipped with a brush for deep cleaning. All you have to do is that after every use, simply rinse them out and use the provided brush to make sure it’s clean. Then, just put it back in the drawer until you need them again.


This is literally the “One Straw to Rule Them All!

Cost-Saving Tools


Seeing that stainless steel straws can be re-used, it means that you only have to buy them once. If you were to take all future straw purchases you might make in your entire life…that adds up.

A single investment can take care of all your future needs [at least when it comes to straws].

Thus, investing in a few sets of stainless steel drinking straws is a sound investment. Think about every party that these can be used for, every event that requires straws. These are costs that add up over time and can be completely eliminated by owning a few sets of stainless steel straws.

The Smarter Choice


For decades’ consumers sat quietly on the sideline just consuming everything dished out to them. However, with the internet in our corner, we have become aware of our impact on the planet. No longer can ignorance save you from your responsibility.

Wrap up

While you might think that buying sustainable straws will have the same impact as a drop in an ocean, you are still removing yourself from the equation. This is the principle of ecological preservation; you take responsibility for your consumption practices.

You don’t have to give up your life to protect the planet…just be responsible for you. And in this case, responsibility looks verily like a set of stainless steel drinking straws.