18 Year Old Pushes Friend Off 60-foot Moulton Falls Bridge

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Moulton Falls Bridge, in Washington State, is a common hang- out spot for most teenagers during summer. However, on Aug. 7 2018, a tragic incident happened.

17-year-old Jordan Holgerson was hanging out with a group of friends, including Taylor Smith, a close friend. On a dare, Jordan stands on the railing at the edge of a bridge as if preparing to jump. She hesitated for quite sometime but Taylor her friend apparently irritated by Jordan’s indecision to jump decided to push Jordan off the bridge. Jordan landed chest-first into the water, a shuddering thud is heard, bearing evidence of how hard she falls.

Jordan and taylor


The recommended way to land into water


At 60 feet, this fall could easily prove fatal if one lands into the water incorrectly. The most recommended (though discouraged) way to land into the water assuming you are jumping off from a tall height, is to land feet first. The feet is said to break the fall and cut into the water, creating an easy landing that swallows your body. If you land chest first, it could feel like landing on concrete.

Jordan, sustained a number of injuries, including 6 broken ribs, punctured lungs as well as outer tissue damage on her thighs. This saw her spend two days in the hospital and may take a while for her to fully recover.


Jordan’s Interview


In an interview, Jordan is seen to have mixed reactions about how her friend should be punished for her mistake, though she acknowledges that she does not think Taylor meant any harm.



Taylor Smith was charged with reckless endangerment, a charge which could land an offender in jail for a year. Taylor pleads guilty to reckless endangerment and contrary to the prosecutor’s request, the judge still gave her 2 days in jail, equivalent to the time Jordan spent in the hospital. This may have been termed as a slap on the wrist, but it was acknowledged that she indeed meant no harm.


Final thoughts


Unfortunately, there is no determining factor that prevents this from happening again. The bridge is clearly marked with warning signs against jumping and diving, all of which are clearly ignored. It is the hope of many, especially Jordan’s family, that security measures be taken on the bridge to prevent people from accessing the river from the bridge.


Raw video: Teen pushed off bridge near Moulton Falls in Washington (Warning: Language)



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