13 Uber Driver Stories That Would Make You Gasp

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We have all at some point in time in our lives requested for an Uber or Lyft ride — technically known as “Ridesharing”. Perhaps, your Uber or Lyft driver must have shared a story with you.

Anyways, i bumped into some interesting Uber driver stories online that made me gasp. Enjoy the read!

Please note : the word Pax in the article denotes “passenger” or “rider”


1. Uber Eats: Wrong recipient

So i picked up an order today from McDonald. I arrived at the drop-off location and a guy came out and said:

Random guy: Uber delivery?

Uber driver: Yes

I handed him the package and drove off.

After sometime l got a call from the person who placed the order.

Order guy: why are you driving away from  my home? 

Uber driver: I don’t understand, didn’t you come out to receive your order a while ago?

Order you: No, i didn’t come out, i haven’t been outside today as matter of fact

Uber driver: oh my God!


2. The ex and her boyfriend


I arrived at the pick up location and waited for my Rider to show up.

2:30 mins before the “cancel if Rider no show” prompt turned on.

I received a message from Rider.

Rider: Please, wait, I will be down in a sec, we are running late for our flight. Don’t worry, I will give you CA$50 tip in cash.

Uber driver: I waited.

Some moments later, I saw a lady with a guy hurryingly pulling suitcases behind them towards my direction

Uber driver: I looked at the lady closely and the guy, then I looked at the name on the app.

“Son of a bitch!”

I Immediately canceled (i tapped the rider no show option) and drove off right next to them.

The lady was my ex and the guy she was with was the guy she cheated on me with (his name was on the app).


3. A lie for a lie


After spending nearly 45 mins in a traffic jam. I managed to get out of the traffic jam, then received a trip request. I accepted and called Rider.

Uber driver: Hi, this is your Uber, may I know where you are headed?

Rider: I am not supposed to say where am headed before getting in your car.

Uber driver: Yes, that’s correct. However, the reason am asking is because there is a huge traffic on highway ……and also on.. thus, I am not taking any trip downtown.

Rider: I am not going downtown

Uber driver: I drove to the pickup location. Rider entered my car and I started the trip. I realised that Rider’s drop-off was downtown.

“I thought you said you are not going downtown?”

Rider: You are supposed to take every trip not choose trip

Uber driver: Okay, no worries (feeling pissed).

I started driving and pulled over just as I was about to drive on the highway

Uber driver: Shit!

I opened the bonnet and got out of the car. Played around with the engine for a while and went back into the car.

Rider: What’s the problem?

Uber driver: “I think my car is overheating, the engine light came on”

I took out a business card of a toll truck company from the glove compartment.

I called the toll truck company and said my car broke. (I put the phone on speaker so that Rider can hear our conversation)

Rider: Got out of the car, canceled the trip and crossed to the other side of the road.

Uber driver: Got a notification that Rider canceled, checked my earnings and noticed I was paid for the distance covered.

About 5-10 mins later another Uber driver came to pick up Rider.

Uber driver: Called off the car towing and made a U-turn when the coast was clear.


4. The Chinese pax


Yesterday, just when I was about to drop-off Rider at his destination address, I received an UberX request from the same location ( a condo rented out to mostly University students).

I accepted and the Rider entered the car, I noticed Rider was having trouble closing the door, so I got out of the car to help Rider close the door. However, before getting out, I told Rider:

Uber driver: Can I use the bathroom, I need to pee.

Rider: Didn’t say a word (she was Chinese)

Uber driver: I got out of the car to close the door before proceeding to relieve myself.

I noticed Rider was video recording me while speaking Chinese when I was closing the door.

Uber driver: Are you video recording me?

Rider: didn’t say a word

Uber driver: I closed the door and Rider was still recording me.

Anyway, I went to a near restaurant to relieve myself. While i was peeing i received a notification on my phone saying rider canceled.


5. The wrong pax


This happened on new year’s Eve

I was flagged down by two girls (they looked 18ish) as I arrived at my pickup location.

I stopped and they got in the car and I started the trip. By the way this pickup location was crowded with young new-years-eve-party-goers, about 50% of them were “wasted” and wearing party dresses in a freezing cold weather ( -20 Celsius).

I managed to get out of the area after struggling for like 5 mins due to the crowd.

I was heading to the drop off when l suddenly  heard one of the girls say:

Rider Girl: You are going the wrong way

Uber driver: Well, I am following the GPS (pointing to the map)

Rider Girl: We are going to…….

Uber driver: Pulled over.

“but that’s not the address i have on the map, can you please update the address”

Rider Girl: My phone died, take us there I will pay you cash.

As we were talking, a call came through, the caller sounded Chinese. The caller in a drunken voice said :

Caller: Why you start trip? Me no in car

Uber driver: Who is this? (feeling confused)

Caller: Jane, I call Uber. You coming?

Uber driver: turned and looked at the girls in the car “Are you Jane?”

Uber Girl: No ….

Uber driver: Hmmm…. Sorry I will have to take you back to the pickup location and pick up my Rider.

Uber Girl: Please, don’t do that, we have been trying to get Uber for the past 30 mins before you came

Uber driver: Okay I will ask the Rider if you can join the ride when we get there and you can also talk to her too, am pretty sure she will understand.

We arrived at the initial pickup location, the real Uber Rider has 5 other girls accompanying her.

Uber driver: Ooops… “Sorry it seems you have to call another Uber”


6. The horny pax


So I arrived at the pickup location and waited for Rider to show up. The rider didn’t show up after 3 mins, so I canceled.

Just before I left the building a request for a long trip came through, I accepted and realized it was the same Rider.

I muttered to myself, what’s the worst that can happen?  “a one-star” – (my rating has been frozen anyway for weeks) so …., “whatever”

Rider showed up, got in the car and sat in the back seat of the car without saying a word ( by the way I have a seven-seater mini van – Ford Freestar ).

I found it strange that the Rider chose to sit in the back seat of the car, and found it even more strange knowing that she chose the most uncomfortable place to sit in spite of her size (she was fat).

Anyway, I started the car and drove off.

About 10 mins into the trip, I looked into the rearview mirror and observed Rider was acting a little bit strange. She was looking at her phone (which was connected to an earpiece) and kept moving it randomly.

At some point in the journey, I couldn’t see the Rider in the position she initially was and I am pretty sure I heard some moaning sounds.

That was when I said:

Uber driver: Hey, is everything okay?

Rider: “didn’t say a word”.

I assume, she couldn’t hear me due to the earphones she had on

Uber driver: I pulled over, turned around and couldn’t believe what i saw..

Rider was having her hands between her thighs


7. One star rating avoided


I received a request for UberX and drove to the location to pick up the Rider.

At exactly 3:30 mins, I canceled the trip based on “rider no show” and drove 20 meters before stopping at a stop sign.

Just when i was about to make a turn, I heard three loud knocks on the front passenger side window.

I turned and saw a lady and a guy making gestures with their hands in an attempt to explain something
I couldn’t comprehend what they were trying to say, as a result, I lowered the window in other to hear them clearly.

Rider: breathing heavily “Why did you cancel?”

Uber driver: I canceled because Uber app prompted me to “cancel if Rider no show”

Rider: * Sighed* Where did you park? Because I didn’t see you anywhere next to the house

Uber driver: That’s weird because I parked right next to your house

Rider: “I am going to order again”.

Rider’s friend opens the back door and sat down while Rider was requesting for Uber

Uber driver: Sure, please do that (at this point I subtly unchecked the  UberX/Pool on the app) simply because i wanted to avoid one star rating from these apparently angry Riders.

Rider: after 2 mins give me a “black look” and said, “someone else accepted the request”.

Uber driver: Damn that’s a shame….

Rider’s friend: muttering something under his breath, and slams my door closed.


8. The new Uber driver


I received my first UberX request and drove to the pickup location.

The passenger name spelled Michael, but a girl in her teen entered my car. ..(she looked under 18)

Rider: I am late, please start the trip

Uber driver: Are you Michael?

Rider: Yes.

Uber driver: Please, can you prove it? I haven’t come across a lady that bear the name Michael before.

Rider: I don’t have WiFi, please start the trip am running late

Uber driver: Just show me your Uber app with the name Michael and I will start the trip

Rider: Calls Michael and asked him to speak with me.

Uber driver: I told Micheal if he is not riding I won’t start the trip. It’s against Uber policies.

Micheal: I have done this always. That’s not true.

Rider: muttering words, opened the door and slammed it closed angrily.

Uber driver: canceled trip based on Rider no show.


9. Above and beyond batch


So I dropped off my Rider at the destination address specified on Uber map.

Uber driver: Unlock the door and said: “Thank you, sir, and have a great day”.

Rider: Actually this is not my stop

Uber driver: This is where Uber app tells me to drop you off (pointing to the marker on Uber map)

Rider: That’s weird…

Uber driver: Well, I can take you to your actual stop on one condition.

Rider: Okay and what would that be?

Uber driver: I will complete the stop now, you will leave me a tip and give me the batch “above and beyond”. Then I will gladly take you to your stop.

Rider : Deal

Uber driver: completed the trip, checked my earnings and rating. Looked at Rider and said “People like you are hard to come by”.


10. The sleeping pax


So I received an UberX request and drove to the pickup location. I waited for 4 mins and Rider didn’t show up.

I decided to wait for another 3 mins, hoping the Rider will turn up. In between a call came in as I was waiting, i answered it and was on the phone for long… (I was so deep in the conversation that I even forgot I was waiting for my Rider to show up).

Anyway, by the time I got off the phone, I realized i have been talking for close t0 30 mins. By now, I was confused as to why the Rider didn’t show up nor canceled….

I checked my app and noticed i had tapped the start trip button mistakenly. So i immediately ended it Just as i was about to end the trip a call came in. 

Rider: Why did you start the trip?

Uber driver: I don’t understand what you mean by that

Rider: it says on my phone, trip has been started 

Uber driver: Really? I didn’t start the trip. I am just about to cancel based on “rider didn’t show up”. By the way, why didn’t you show up, text or call?

Rider: I think I slept off after sending you the request as I was on my bed.

Uber driver: Hope you slept well?

Rider: that’s not the point, I need my money back.

Uber driver: “Call Uber” and hung up


11. Parcel delivery


So I accepted an UberX request and drove to the pickup address. On getting there I received a call from the Rider.

Rider:  Hey I just want to deliver a parcel to my nephew, walk up to the door to collect it”.

Uber driver: Okay…. What’s inside the parcel?

Rider: it’s something for my nephew

Uber driver: Okay…. Please, can you cancel and order Uber delivery?

Rider: What is Uber delivery?

Uber driver: it’s a new delivery service, don’t worry, just cancel and i will walk you through on how to order.

Rider: canceled trip

Uber driver: drove off 


12. Wrong request


I received an UberX trip request. Arrived at the pick location only to find 3 passengers with 4 suitcases plus one golf bag.

Me : “Sir, you are supposed to request for an Uber XL not UberX”

Rider: “But you have a van”

Uber driver: “Yes, but what if I had a sedan?”

Rider: “So, what do we do?”

Uber driver: “Cancel and request for an Uber XL. Don’t worry I will cancel so you don’t get charged”

I canceled and received a cancellation fee and then accepted the Uber XL request.


13. The strange smell


Yesterday, I was involved in a car accident during the snowstorm – I was T-boned by another while “Ubering”.

After talking to the guy I had an accident with, I entered my car to continue the journey to drop off.

Before I started the car I said:

Uber driver: : Is everyone ok?

Rider apparently was terrified as a result of the accident said

Rider: No, please just take me home.

Uber driver: I am sorry if I caused you any trouble

As I was driving, I smelled something funny, so I lowered the sides of the windows for a minute and raised then back up again.

I still could perceive the smell so i lowered the window through the journey until i dropped off pax.

As I dropped off Pax, she said:

Rider: I am sorry.

Uber driver: Sorry for what? Are you going to report the accident to Uber? Please, don’t.

Rider: Walked away hurriedly.

I received another UberX requested (5 mins away) and was heading to the pickup location. Before I arrived my pickup location I received a message from Uber saying that I was involved in a car accident……(i was put offline)

As if that is not enough, I found out later on that Rider shit her pants, hence, the smell and perhaps why she said: “I am sorry”.