10 Steps Towards Improving Self Confidence

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Do you know that self-confident can influence your life in a positive way? When you have self-confidence, not only will it make you feel good about yourself, but people around you will perceive you as though you can offer something of value, thus fighting for your attention.

What is self-confidence?

Simply put, self-confidence is a force within you that gives you a sense of trust in your true abilities. If that sounded too complicated try this one – Self-confidence is when you believe in yourself 100%. How about that? Well, I guess that should give you an idea of what it means to have self – confidence. A more detailed explanation can be found here?

How do you develop your self-confidence?

Below are some simple and effective ways you can boost or develop your self-confidence.

10 steps towards improving self confidence

1. Taking care of yourself

This means you should dress well and take good of your hygiene in general. Even if you feel like you aren’t particularly attractive, you’d be amazed how a simple change of wardrobe can do for your self-image. Furthermore, ensure you brush your teeth daily and use a mouth wash. Always have in your possession chewing gums when you go out ( to freshen your breath) especially if you will be talking to people.

2. Minding your posture

By standing tall and raising your eye level to the people around you, you will be able to project so much confidence that it will affect your own personal well-being.


3. Exercising

This is basically killing two birds with one stone: Excercise regularly will not only keep you in good shape but will also help to release the endorphins in your brain –  The hormone that is responsible for pleasure and happiness.

4. Be kind to people

Small acts of kindness don’t really take away that much from you, but they will do wonders for your confidence and self-image. Help an old lady by carrying her groceries, donate some of your money to charity, or do something for your community. Have you noticed the feelings you get whenever you are commended by a friend, colleague or a member of your family?

5. Be principled

Know yourself and understand what you stand for (your principle). If your values are strong and well thought-out, you would stop doubting yourself or what you are capable of. Rather, you will be proud of who you are and the people around you will notice.

6. Positive thinking

Sometimes you feel like the other guy is putting you down, but are you sure you aren’t putting yourself down?. First off, you have to let go all the negatives thoughts you have about people, which very often might be due to your low self-esteem. It’s very important to have a good relationship with yourself. Introspect and appreciate everything about you. Understand that you are not a perfect being, similarly, the people you deal with are not perfect either.


7. Becoming better at whatever interests you

Are you a guitar player? A martial artist? Perhaps a writer? Become the best you can be at whatever interests you. If you don’t have a hobby you’re dedicated to, now’s a great time to pick it up, put in regular practice and keep it consistent.

8. Adopting the problem-solving mentality

Do you feel like something specific about you is holding you back? Is it solvable? Instead of complaining and feeling helpless about it, rather put some effort in finding a solution to it. Research and gather every knowledge you can, and – most importantly – be willing to do whatever it takes to solve the problem.

9. Throwing the clutter out of your life

Do you feel like you’re doing something that doesn’t really really give you satisfaction, but merely helps you pass the time? Make an inventory of your life and decide what’s worth keeping and what you can ditch without remorse.

10. Focusing on a single thing

While this list of 10 steps towards improving self confidence has probably given you at least some good ideas on how you can improve your confidence, you shouldn’t try to make too many changes at once. That will simply overwhelm you and could result to overconfidence and arrogance. Start small (pick 1-3 a month) and walk your way up naturally until you reach that point where you start to see results.